Small businesses face challenges unique to them and require solutions that are both legally sound and practical.  A company formed with large amounts of capital targeting a near term IPO needs different advice than a lean, closely held, locally owned business that is built on realizing the passions and dreams of its owners.

Julia does business the way you do business – face to face when needed but nimble, virtual and efficient when that makes sense.

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Who Does Julia Work With?

First Timers

Anyone who wants to start a company for the first time.

Do you want to have business start-up easily decoded?  Do you want to do things right so you don’t keep yourself awake at night with worries?  Do you want to position yourself for success?

Repeat Entrepreneurs

You've started other companies.

Have you started other companies and want counsel that will work with you on just those things you don’t know already? Have you owned your own business but now want to enter a new industry?  Have you owned your own business by yourself but want to add other owners or form a business with multiple owners?

Business Succession and Estate Planning

You own a closely held or family owned business.

Do you want to sell your business now or in the future?  Do you need a plan to help you family when assets need to be transitioned?

Business Expansion

You are expanding your business.

Do you need to know how to hire and fire people? Do you need to know when someone is an employee and when someone can be a contractor? Do you want to talk to someone about how you are managing your business risk (or not)?

Business Contraction

You are downsizing or changing owners.

Are you downsizing?  Does one of the people in your pool of business owners want to leave the company?

Business Maintenance

You need legal basics for your company.

Do you need someone to clean up or complete the formative documents needed for your business entity? Do you need a contract written or reviewed?

Helping You Navigate The Legal World

General Counsel

Small, closely held businesses need ongoing legal advice from counsel familiar with the unique qualities of those businesses. What they do not need is the cost of full-time in house or outside counsel. Julia provides general counsel advising on an as needed basis for small businesses. By becoming familiar with each client’s structure, products, services, employees and other important aspects of their businesses, Julia is able to provide each small business client with ongoing tailored advice about employment law basics, entity maintenance, policies and practices, risk management, and dispute resolution.  Julia also acts as a general legal resource for her clients, maintaining a referral network of legal practitioners working in litigation, patent, securities or other specialized needs so that clients can find the right counsel when they have specialized needs.

Startup Advising

To date, Julia has assisted in the formation of literally hundreds of small, closely held businesses. Her clients are the “up and comers” of local business; bright, early stage entrepreneurs with vision and energy seeking experienced counsel to help establish and grow their businesses. Julia helps her clients the appropriate entity for them, whether that’s a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company, a corporation or a partnership of some kind. Once a form is selected, Julia will file or assist you in filing documents with the appropriate governmental agencies and then will draft the other necessary internal documents to make your business a going concern with a fully formed liability veil. As a part of this process, Julia will also teach you how to maintain your entity and protect your investment so that you can be as successful as possible in securing and growing your business.

Business Succession & Estate Planning

Business may be your passion, but it is also likely a means to an end.  You have created and maintained a successful business, but what happens when you want to retire?  What happens if there is a life changing or ending event for you or one of your family members?  Having successfully worked on the sale or other transition of more than 50 different businesses, Julia can help you create the outcome you seek.  While it is never easy to go through a major transition, even if that transition is for very positive reasons, there is a planned order to the process.  Julia will help you through one step at a time.


Being in business is about completing successful deals, large and small.  Whether your business needs to create a way to contract with new clients, whether you need to outsource functions by hiring contractors, or whether you want to enter into a venture with another person or entity, Julia will make the process clear and easy. Julia will assist you in asking the important questions so you can make informed decisions at every step toward completing your deal.  Good process and clear documentation are the two best ways to create success and manage risk.  Julia can create the documentation, and she can help you create great process by providing you with the tools for an effective negotiation.   

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